Opinion and management by Occupational Physician for patients with workplace related chronic pain

Dr Graham Wright is a Specialist Pain Medicine Physician and consultant Occupational Physician.

With almost 30 years’ experience in his practice as a consultant occupational physician, he has not only treated workers compensation patients, but many people who have chronic pain/illness problems.

Dr Wright understands that people who suffer from chronic pain find that their pain affects their ability to work, complete domestic, leisure and sporting activities, can affect people’s moods, family relationships, finances, and general health.

On referral from general practitioner, Dr Wright is able to assess you in an initial consultation to help you to understand the overall function and history of your problem, a diagnosis is established to help you recognise the concern and gives you appropriate opportunities for treatment.

Once the initial consultation is complete, he will write a comprehensive report back to your general practitioner within days of the consultation, where they can liaise together with you to help manage your pain.

Our clinic requires pre-appointment paperwork to be completed prior to an appointment time being made, that consists of a general information form along with a history booklet and outcome measure, to ensure Dr Wright has the most amount of information to complete your initial assessment when he sees you.

Dr Graham Wright is currently accepting referrals under a South Australian workers compensation claim.