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Occupational Therapist

Our occupational therapist is an independent practitioner who provides services in association to the Adelaide Chronic Pain Clinic.

Edwina Shannon

Edwina Shannon has worked as an occupational therapist in pain management since 1988. She has been a member of the Complex Injury Group (previously the Pain Management Unit at the Memorial Hospital) since 1991. She received a Churchill Fellowship to study chronic pain management in the UK and USA in 1999.

Her clinical focus is on the bio psychosocial factors that affect activity performance for people with chronic pain.

Treatment aims to address these issues through a variety of interventions.

Input is provided in developing a sustainable pattern of activity for work, domestic and leisure occupations, through methods of pacing and body mechanics.

A goal setting approach is used to look at steady upgrading of activity performance over time.

Home visits are used to both provide further input on activity performance and to identify suitable equipment that may be needed to facilitate function.

Worksite visits are performed, where applicable, to identify factors that may impede a safe and sustainable return to work, and to provide equipment and training to allow a successful return to work.

She has post graduate qualifications in driver assessment.