Dr. Graham Wright – Occupational Physician / Specialist Pain Medicine Physician

Dr Graham Wright is a consultant Occupational Physician and Specialist Pain Medicine Physician. He qualified in medicine in 1971, and after spending some 15 years looking after the health of university students, he qualified as a consultant occupational physician in 1989. He then went on to complete his Master of Public Health qualification in 1991, and was elected Fellow of The Faculty of Pain Medicine in 2008.

For more than almost 30 years, his practice has focused on the multidisciplinary treatment of chronic pain and disability in injured workers. Working together with a multidisciplinary treatment team, Dr Wright confirms and organises the medical diagnosis, rationalises medication, chairs multidisciplinary meetings, coordinates multidisciplinary treatment programs and, with other members of the team, ensures that treatment is going as planned.

By way of letters and reports, Dr Wright explains to referring doctors, solicitors, and insurance companies, including ReturnToWorkSA, the nature of the problems and the reasons why certain treatments are recommended.

In addition to being involved in the multidisciplinary management of chronic pain, Dr Wright is available to give individual advice as an Occupational Physician or Specialist Pain Medicine Physician on a range of workplace issues.