Early Intervention for workers compensation injuries

Our early intervention program is designed to provide initial assessments by our treating specialists, to minimise impact of your injury on your home and work life, and create a treatment plan for recovery all in a short time frame, before problems become more difficult to reverse.

The program begins within days of receiving referral from your general practitioner, where an initial assessment by Occupational Physician is conducted. This initial consult will help you to understand the overall function and history of your problem, a diagnosis is established to help you recognise the concern and gives you opportunities for treatment.

Once the initial assessment is complete, if needed, appointments will be arranged with Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, and Psychologist, who are very experienced and familiar in their fields, and will become your multidisciplinary treatment team.

We base your assessments and ongoing treatment around round table meetings that includes you in the planning, to make practical plans for treatment, to review your progress and make future plans for recovery.

Our main focus is to help you get back on track in your daily life, and our consultants are available to help organise a suitable pathway to get you back to work by liaising with your case manager/rehabilitation consultant.

Every individual is different, and in our hands, you can be sure that your treatment plan is right for you.